Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome to my Evil Lair Sherlock Holmes

This Picture is from a park, behind Simon's Bakery in WHB...they have very delicious macaroons! This is Freddie, the big green dinosoar that gives head to people that stand in front of him, freely without charge. In the picture is ME and Marissa S.

She is so completely of my best, closest friends! Althought i once owe'd her $30, i now owe only $20 which is somewhat of a relief. We met at lunch last year, 6th period around January or March. When i first, EVER met her, well i saw her walk by our table and take Paulas fries or tater tots, i thought she was wierd. And im almost positive she thought i was the wierdest thing to ever breath. But she is so awesome! and looks like Dr. Brennan from Bones which airs on FOX, wednesdays at 8pm!

Just so everyone new name is Doug.

This summer...of 2008! Me and Marissa went to Six Flags! We survived Kingda Ka! It was so amazing! We also bruised ourselves on the new Dark Knight Coaster which happens to be a load of crap. Don't waste your time on that HUGE.........looonnngggg........line.

I'm sure you are wondering, Why do I have a blog? What purpose do you have for a blog? Will you even update it?

Well i have a blog so i can get my point across...find a way to know what my life is about and expressing it. yes, i will update it...if i don't i know that ill remember sooner or later..but i might actually update this more than myspace!

Just so everybody knows, this was only my first blog....i know it is not a serious blog, but i did not know what to write about for a first blog. comments are always accepted! Thank you.

Also, i will be writing about my work life during the summer and present, school, grades, family life, etc!


Dani said...

I hope you remember to update it Dory!!

Nora said...

hello, Doug? I made that name first, I honestly did. but if you would prefer to give Marissa that title, I dont really care. umm... good show for your blog, I personally prefer silly blogs to serious ones, and besides what serious thing will you say in a TEENAGERS life. "Tell me your thoughts on the next presidential election?", no, you did a fine job hun

Marissa said...
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Marissa said...

Hey Josh (sorry, Doug)! I love It. We should make blogs our new thing. Huh? Maybe I'll actually update this site for once. the blog is very you. Toodles!

NickiLoder said...

i have a blog too!!!!
i actually have like two
but i don't remeber my first one

so nice job??
SpanishSexBuddy <3