Sunday, April 19, 2009

29 Days 2 Hours 38 Minutes....But Who's Counting

So.  LIfe is pretty fly for a white guy.  My grades are average...nothing below 65 which is definitely good. All of my grades for this 3rd quarter are above 70 except for math which is a 65.  My overall average for this quarter is 79.5, which for me is awesome! The weather is beginning to become a lot nicer than the past few weeks. The temperature hit 70 i believe yesterday. I still work at Atlantis Marine World and am having a good time there. I bought a car!! It is a 1995 chrysler concorde. Dark Knight limited Edition custom fade paint job which is cool  ;).  I passed my roadtest after the second try which is great so now i drive to work and home. I'm turning 17 in twenty-nine days and i am EXTREMELY EXCITED! My best bud will be turning 17 in thirty-six days! We are going to Six Flags for our birthdays on Memorial Day Weekend...crazy right? i know.  My mom bought me and her tickets for z100s concert in New Jersey on May 16 featuring   Flo Rida, Black Eyed Peas, Kelly Clarkson, Jesse McCartney, Soulja Boy, Ciara and the All American Rejects.   So it is giong to be so cool to see all of them!    On July 15th 2009, i will be seeing my first concert with my friend Nicki Loder without a parent(because i can drive by then by myself  :D)    My Best Bud Marissa is going to Germany for 10 months in beginning of August for student exchange. I am happy for her! But i will miss her ALOT!   Well, that is all i really have to say for now. 

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Death is Certain, Life is Not... Part 2

well, it has been a long time since i last blogged, and to think, i said that i would update this a lot. Well, i am updating my life now. Before the movies, Me, Eric and Marissa ate at Tonys Asian Fusion:Express. We had california rolls, alaskan rolls(pretty good but tasted like the california rolls) and Spicy crunchy tuna roll(extremely good) Then, i went to the movies with friends, and this girl Jackie. XD. We saw Four Christmases and it was definitely funny, a lot of jokes and just overall fun. After the movie, Me, Jackie, Eric, Abby, Max and Julie decided to head go into Dunkin Donuts for ice cream, because apparently, news to me, it is not ever too cold for ice cream. But those dummys closed early. In light of that, we ventured over to Starbucks. In starbucks, we chilled with our frappacionos and hot chocolates. Then Jackie had to leave and i walked her back to her grandparents. I learned a lot about her so it was definitely cool. I met her grandparents and was obviously polite. All went well tonight and i definitely would like to do it again.... and oh yeah, i pushed Abby in a shopping cart, that was a lot of fun too. Take a look at my pics and enjoy.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Today is Sunday which sadly means the weekend is just about over. This was probably one of my best weekends in a long time. Today, i chilled with Marissa(again) in Hampton Bays. All we basically did was walk around, talk about seeing Nick And Norahs Infinite Playlist, but i could not see it due to the fact that i had to be home by a certain time.While in town, we walked from the pizza place to the bargain store and searched for name tags, but could not find any. Then, we squeezed through a hole in a fence to get over to subway and we ate at Nathans hotdogs thing. They were filling and nasty, and i am stupid. After Nathan's we stumbled our way over to Rite Aid and opened up the music cards, just like we did the day before in king kullen. It was funny because Marissa then pulled the tab out of the card and even when she closed it, the music still played so we quickly ran out of there. Walking a few hundred feet, i looked at a nice Bronco in the parking lot for sale, and as i was looking in through the window, Marissa pushed my head(not thinking i would hit it.)It was so hilarious. Making our way over to Boccachinos, we saw a help wanted sign. I went in and asked about it, but you have to be 21 so that was a bust. Marissa was nervous for ME going in to apply. haha! After being rejected by an italian restaurant, we sat on a bus stop bench for nearly an half an hour and just b.s. with eachother, stared at people who walked and drove by, it was funny. Then after not feeling sick anymore, we journyed into Starbucks! And as we walked in, these sluts of hampton bays, look at us and i guess they thought they were quiet, but the slightly talked about us. They probably thought we were following them. We have more of a life than that. haha. After Marissa buying our frappacionos, we sat down and talked. After finishing our drinks, we left Starbucks and went back to the pizza place to meet her parents. While waiting, we visited Eric at his job in Dunken Donuts. Eric has to wear a pink and red shirt and it looks really funny. So Marissa's parents pick her up and i ride my bike home, eat dinner and go back to my mother's house in East Quogue. Now i am sitting in my room, cold and under a blanket watching some television. Sorry, no pictures today!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

my journey

First off! my new name is JD!!! Woot.

Hey, i got out of work today and went to a party with my best buddy Marissa. She and her Bugba picked me up today from work and journied over to Southold for her lil cousins 1 year old birthday party. After being there for a while, we ditched and headed towards town. I decided, and with the approval of Marissa to call my best buddy from southold and meet us to chill. So we did. It was really nice to see Katie again, i havent seen her in about a year or so. We walked around Southold town a little bit, went into the party store and saw Kiara, another old friend of mine. I bought "Kanye West" sunglasses, and they are really awesome. I do not care what people say about me wearing them, because i know i look awesome! Then, we went to Pagano's and Katie bought us all Vault energy sodas! They are really good! Itried to see if Mr. Fisher was home, because i have not seen him in almost two years, and he uses a ham radio like i do and managed the tech crew and i used to be in the tech crew in southold. it was a lot of fun today and tomorrow i have the Peconis Padler trip for cure! Here are some pics from today. PLEASE comment!

me jumping off the spining playground thing.

me wearing my new kanye west glasses and my best friend of sohoKatie!

me and my best buddy of whb marissa!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Okay, so i fell back on the "week in the life" posts. I have been busy and my camera died and i JUST found the charger so i will restart on monday of next week and hopefully it will be a bit less hectic. At the moment, i am taking drivers ed! It is really cool, althought, so far i have attended one lecture session, due to finding out i got in after the first session began and not having school for the days that i could have made up for missing the first day. I am also driving in the Student Driver car! Its a honda accord, possibly an '06 - '08 model. Driving the car is really awesome, so far, we have driven to Hampton Bays and back in our first session of the second session, which was today, we drove all the way to manorville and our instructor showed us where John Basedow(that excersize guy) lives. I am so tempted to go there for halloween and find out tha he is infact fat and not what we see int eh commercials.

I really enjoy school this year, but i am terrible at geometry(yes they changed it bak to the 'ole days way of learning geometry) with all those terms, that even my math teacher said everybody will have a very hard time remembering. i need help, majorly. And second, my spanish teacher sucks. I'm sorry but sh is just stupid. Why would the school put me in a class with a teacher that used to teach middle school kids and now teaches a REGENTS class! Of all classes, a regents class. I am terrible at spanish to begin with, andnow i have a dumb teacher. She wasn't in class today and the subsitute teacher did a better job than her. i NEED to get out of this class, but the only way that is going to happen is if i do extremely good and then i would be able to switch to Spanish III honors....HA......that is not going to happen. I'm retarded so there is no way i would get into an honors class. I know i need to try hard, really hard, and there should be no excuses, but i am easily distracted and it is sometimes tough, i do not really know what to do. I'm just SO glad that my Dr. SSB is in my spanish class....AGAIN! Haha.

So, as you know, Marissa is my best friend, i found a quote she wrote in my yearbook at the end of the year last year and I find it quite funny now that i look back at it. And now I am going to share it with you... btw...this yearbook quote was written in our 6th period lunch of June 2008.

" Josh! Wow. I didn't even know you befor, like, February! Now, you're like [one] of my closest friends. We've had so much fun this year and told so many stupid, sometimes [retarded] jokes, and saw some good & bad movies and had smores! Can't wait until summer. It'll be a lot of fun, hopefully. (You're sitting right next to me, trying to do math homework & not to read what im writing. Wow, i write a lot. nHave a great summer. Ill be in that summer too. Ha. Hopefully, we'll still be friends 10 years from now when you find this moving apartments or something. LOL
- Marissa Sirico PS You just told me to write my last name. Ha."

We had a great summer, obviously, you can read first post to hear about that! I just realized that she dissed me, when she said moving apartments, thanks marissa for having faith in me in owning a house. But you do think reality so it's understandable. IN the yearbook, marissa underlined the 2 SS because i kept spelling her name with one S. I even spelled it wrong on her birthday card. And also, we will definitely still be friends in 10 years.

Let's move onto nicki! aka my Dr. SSB

Here is her entry in my yearbook from the school year '07-'08

"Janitor Closet Buddy. Hey! We better be in spanish class together next year X_X . You have been such a good friend this year ( even if i have abused you ^-^) Let's rock it on all right 0_-
Love SSB (nicki L) "

And believe it or not! We are still friends and are in the same spanish class! AGAIN!

Well, that's enough for me tonight, i'll write more tomorrownight after the football game at school, and no i do not play. i watch till alf time then go to town with friends.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week in the life - day 2 9/30

on my way to take my lil bro to school then me to work.
going over the bridge!

a warning sign for the discovery tower ride at atlantis marine world

at around 11am at work, operating the discovery tower ride.

the tower ride at atlantis marine is very unsafe. DO NOT go on it!

A wood board that everybody writes on.

Me and my (other) best friend alicia.

the three muskahteers! woohoo!
more stuff soon...stay tuned!

Monday, September 29, 2008

A Day in The Life- monday

Watching the show Life on NBC at 10pm..its alright...reminds me a bit of monk.
On aim and blogger at same time!

You can judge how i look in this picture.

by the way...i stole this idea from Danielle, my completely awesome 26 year old cousin!