Thursday, October 2, 2008


Okay, so i fell back on the "week in the life" posts. I have been busy and my camera died and i JUST found the charger so i will restart on monday of next week and hopefully it will be a bit less hectic. At the moment, i am taking drivers ed! It is really cool, althought, so far i have attended one lecture session, due to finding out i got in after the first session began and not having school for the days that i could have made up for missing the first day. I am also driving in the Student Driver car! Its a honda accord, possibly an '06 - '08 model. Driving the car is really awesome, so far, we have driven to Hampton Bays and back in our first session of the second session, which was today, we drove all the way to manorville and our instructor showed us where John Basedow(that excersize guy) lives. I am so tempted to go there for halloween and find out tha he is infact fat and not what we see int eh commercials.

I really enjoy school this year, but i am terrible at geometry(yes they changed it bak to the 'ole days way of learning geometry) with all those terms, that even my math teacher said everybody will have a very hard time remembering. i need help, majorly. And second, my spanish teacher sucks. I'm sorry but sh is just stupid. Why would the school put me in a class with a teacher that used to teach middle school kids and now teaches a REGENTS class! Of all classes, a regents class. I am terrible at spanish to begin with, andnow i have a dumb teacher. She wasn't in class today and the subsitute teacher did a better job than her. i NEED to get out of this class, but the only way that is going to happen is if i do extremely good and then i would be able to switch to Spanish III honors....HA......that is not going to happen. I'm retarded so there is no way i would get into an honors class. I know i need to try hard, really hard, and there should be no excuses, but i am easily distracted and it is sometimes tough, i do not really know what to do. I'm just SO glad that my Dr. SSB is in my spanish class....AGAIN! Haha.

So, as you know, Marissa is my best friend, i found a quote she wrote in my yearbook at the end of the year last year and I find it quite funny now that i look back at it. And now I am going to share it with you... btw...this yearbook quote was written in our 6th period lunch of June 2008.

" Josh! Wow. I didn't even know you befor, like, February! Now, you're like [one] of my closest friends. We've had so much fun this year and told so many stupid, sometimes [retarded] jokes, and saw some good & bad movies and had smores! Can't wait until summer. It'll be a lot of fun, hopefully. (You're sitting right next to me, trying to do math homework & not to read what im writing. Wow, i write a lot. nHave a great summer. Ill be in that summer too. Ha. Hopefully, we'll still be friends 10 years from now when you find this moving apartments or something. LOL
- Marissa Sirico PS You just told me to write my last name. Ha."

We had a great summer, obviously, you can read first post to hear about that! I just realized that she dissed me, when she said moving apartments, thanks marissa for having faith in me in owning a house. But you do think reality so it's understandable. IN the yearbook, marissa underlined the 2 SS because i kept spelling her name with one S. I even spelled it wrong on her birthday card. And also, we will definitely still be friends in 10 years.

Let's move onto nicki! aka my Dr. SSB

Here is her entry in my yearbook from the school year '07-'08

"Janitor Closet Buddy. Hey! We better be in spanish class together next year X_X . You have been such a good friend this year ( even if i have abused you ^-^) Let's rock it on all right 0_-
Love SSB (nicki L) "

And believe it or not! We are still friends and are in the same spanish class! AGAIN!

Well, that's enough for me tonight, i'll write more tomorrownight after the football game at school, and no i do not play. i watch till alf time then go to town with friends.

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Marissa said...

hey hey joshy
sucks that you can't go to the football game, huh? also, might I refer you to a wonderful thing called spell check?? lol
I didnt really insult you when I said apartments. ten years from june 2008 you'll be 26, so I highly doubt that you'll have a house by then. I know I won't. though, if the economny stays like what it is, we'll both me hobos riding the rails. lol