Sunday, April 19, 2009

29 Days 2 Hours 38 Minutes....But Who's Counting

So.  LIfe is pretty fly for a white guy.  My grades are average...nothing below 65 which is definitely good. All of my grades for this 3rd quarter are above 70 except for math which is a 65.  My overall average for this quarter is 79.5, which for me is awesome! The weather is beginning to become a lot nicer than the past few weeks. The temperature hit 70 i believe yesterday. I still work at Atlantis Marine World and am having a good time there. I bought a car!! It is a 1995 chrysler concorde. Dark Knight limited Edition custom fade paint job which is cool  ;).  I passed my roadtest after the second try which is great so now i drive to work and home. I'm turning 17 in twenty-nine days and i am EXTREMELY EXCITED! My best bud will be turning 17 in thirty-six days! We are going to Six Flags for our birthdays on Memorial Day Weekend...crazy right? i know.  My mom bought me and her tickets for z100s concert in New Jersey on May 16 featuring   Flo Rida, Black Eyed Peas, Kelly Clarkson, Jesse McCartney, Soulja Boy, Ciara and the All American Rejects.   So it is giong to be so cool to see all of them!    On July 15th 2009, i will be seeing my first concert with my friend Nicki Loder without a parent(because i can drive by then by myself  :D)    My Best Bud Marissa is going to Germany for 10 months in beginning of August for student exchange. I am happy for her! But i will miss her ALOT!   Well, that is all i really have to say for now. 

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