Sunday, October 5, 2008


Today is Sunday which sadly means the weekend is just about over. This was probably one of my best weekends in a long time. Today, i chilled with Marissa(again) in Hampton Bays. All we basically did was walk around, talk about seeing Nick And Norahs Infinite Playlist, but i could not see it due to the fact that i had to be home by a certain time.While in town, we walked from the pizza place to the bargain store and searched for name tags, but could not find any. Then, we squeezed through a hole in a fence to get over to subway and we ate at Nathans hotdogs thing. They were filling and nasty, and i am stupid. After Nathan's we stumbled our way over to Rite Aid and opened up the music cards, just like we did the day before in king kullen. It was funny because Marissa then pulled the tab out of the card and even when she closed it, the music still played so we quickly ran out of there. Walking a few hundred feet, i looked at a nice Bronco in the parking lot for sale, and as i was looking in through the window, Marissa pushed my head(not thinking i would hit it.)It was so hilarious. Making our way over to Boccachinos, we saw a help wanted sign. I went in and asked about it, but you have to be 21 so that was a bust. Marissa was nervous for ME going in to apply. haha! After being rejected by an italian restaurant, we sat on a bus stop bench for nearly an half an hour and just b.s. with eachother, stared at people who walked and drove by, it was funny. Then after not feeling sick anymore, we journyed into Starbucks! And as we walked in, these sluts of hampton bays, look at us and i guess they thought they were quiet, but the slightly talked about us. They probably thought we were following them. We have more of a life than that. haha. After Marissa buying our frappacionos, we sat down and talked. After finishing our drinks, we left Starbucks and went back to the pizza place to meet her parents. While waiting, we visited Eric at his job in Dunken Donuts. Eric has to wear a pink and red shirt and it looks really funny. So Marissa's parents pick her up and i ride my bike home, eat dinner and go back to my mother's house in East Quogue. Now i am sitting in my room, cold and under a blanket watching some television. Sorry, no pictures today!

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Marissa said...

I am commenting because you yell at me when I don't. I didn't go t school today. we should hang out this weekend. go to the movies and chill or something... wutever...
call my cell!