Saturday, October 4, 2008

my journey

First off! my new name is JD!!! Woot.

Hey, i got out of work today and went to a party with my best buddy Marissa. She and her Bugba picked me up today from work and journied over to Southold for her lil cousins 1 year old birthday party. After being there for a while, we ditched and headed towards town. I decided, and with the approval of Marissa to call my best buddy from southold and meet us to chill. So we did. It was really nice to see Katie again, i havent seen her in about a year or so. We walked around Southold town a little bit, went into the party store and saw Kiara, another old friend of mine. I bought "Kanye West" sunglasses, and they are really awesome. I do not care what people say about me wearing them, because i know i look awesome! Then, we went to Pagano's and Katie bought us all Vault energy sodas! They are really good! Itried to see if Mr. Fisher was home, because i have not seen him in almost two years, and he uses a ham radio like i do and managed the tech crew and i used to be in the tech crew in southold. it was a lot of fun today and tomorrow i have the Peconis Padler trip for cure! Here are some pics from today. PLEASE comment!

me jumping off the spining playground thing.

me wearing my new kanye west glasses and my best friend of sohoKatie!

me and my best buddy of whb marissa!


Dani said...

Cute pictures!

Marissa said...

Ahhhhh its us!! I haven't checked the blog out in a while. bad me. hahaha